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Dip Activation

For those P2 Techies who do P2 Assessments...

Our office is working on a P2 assessment of a truck body e-coat line.

The e-coat line contains the following basic work steps;  alkaline cleaning, dip activation,
zinc phosphating, non-chrome sealer, e-coat.  

We did some process-mapping and are focusing on several losses, including losses from
dip activation step.  They are currently dumping the activator bath once a week, which results in losses of 975,000 gallons wastewater annually and 8,100 pounds of activator chemistry annually (titanium conditioner).  

Besides optimizing the dump schedule through process control, are there any other proven
techniques (including P2 technoologies) to extend useful life of activator baths?

Appreciate any comments, suggestions, resources...


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