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RE: question-VOC Control - Refrigeration versus thermal oxidation

Joann Cortese (cortese@sartomer.com)  asked (in part):  

	> I am looking for information on high efficiency refrigeration /
cryogenic condensation units
	> that can handle moisture and a slightly corrosive VOC stream. this
would allow recovery of a useful process stream. 

Joann --

There's a short description of a cryogenic recovery unit installed at Howell
Hydrocarbons & Chemicals available via U Texas El-Paso at:


George Freda of Howell has spoken about this project at a few conferences,
and seems eager to share info about it -- I know he handed out a nice
write-up at the AIChE Pollution Prevention Workshop that I chaired in
Houston earlier this year.  His phone # is available through the case study.

A more detailed description of this approach, including some guidelines for
capital costs of various technologies (including both thermal oxidizers and
cryogenic systems) is available at:

Given the corrosive nature of the stream, you may need to engineer some
additional features into the unit, i.e.., materials selection issues will be
key.  But that can probably be best addressed by the vendor of the recovery
unit, working in conjunction with your team.

Hope this helps.

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
Technical Director, ChemAlliance
(206)-528-3290 voice/(206)-528-3552 fax