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RE: latex in wastewater

Greg Newman (Greg_Newman@p2pays.org) asked about 

	> "the  types of 
	> limits imposed, types of operational practices required,
experience with
	> blockages or other problems." 
related to a plant encountering high BOD/COD loads from a rinse step in a
latex coating process.  

A few years ago, under the aegis of the NICE 3 program, PPG, hardly a small
company, but nonetheless working with similar kinds of waste streams, used
reverse osmosis/UF to recover rinse water from a similar paint-laden rinse
stream.   This case is useful primarily because it's been written up fairly
well; you can get background info from

I suspect a lot can be done w/ process debugging as well, but would have a
hard time making many suggestions without seeing the actual facility.
Hopefully the PPG case will provide some inspiration.

Hope this helps.  

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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