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P2 for electronic boards assembly

Hey all,

I have an ISO 14001 implementation project for a small job shop 
who assembles electronic boards for larger companies. In other 
words, they receive the boards, add the required pick and place 
components, etc. They DO NOT make the boards.

I have found p2 info for companies that make boards but less info 
on companies that just assemble the boards. 

1.I am looking for sources of p2 info to use for their objectives and 
targets of their environmental management programs. 

2.They do wave soldering and I am very interested in what they can 
do to minimize environmental problems. 

3. Can the reels that the pick and place components come on be   
recycled back to the manufacturers?

4. What types of places take the solder dross?

5. They have automatic cleaning which uses water to clean the 
boards (they use water soluble flux). The cleaning equipment and 
deioner generate waste chelate, anion and  charcoal. Any 
possiblity of recycling these materials?

Thanks for the assistance. 

Kirsten M. Koepsel
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
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Fort Worth, TX  76118

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kkoepsel@arri.uta.edu (e-mail)

Juna Z. Snow
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