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Announcement of Flexo Videoconference

Fellow Providers of Assistance in P2 and Env. Compliance: 

Following is an announcement about a new videoconference that PNEAC   
the Flexographic Technical Association will be broadcasting via  satellite
on April 27, 2000.  This announcement is for associations,  agencies,
schools, and even printing companies who would like to host a  local
downlink site.  Due to the generous support of EPA, we are able to  offer
free downlink licenses to the first 100 sites that sign up!  To receive
the program, you must be able to downlink via C-band satellite. 

To sign up for one of the free downlink licenses, or to be added to the
information mailing list, fill out the response form on PNEAC's Web site
 ... or, if you prefer, you can contact the videoconference site
 coordinator,   Kimberly Swanson (608-262-0910 or 
swanson@epd.engr.wisc.edu) to  request an announcement and response 
form by fax.  

For those interested in attending the program, please check the PNEAC  
site (www.pneac.org) later this year.  We will post a list of registered
sites.  If at that time there is not a site in your area, let us know and
we will   try to find a site host.  

Wayne Pferdehirt  
Co-Director, PNEAC  

******  Don’t Miss this Opportunity to   Sign Up for This Completely   New

              Free Downlink to First 100 Registered   

This is the fourth national videoconference produced by PNEAC.  Each
videoconference has addressed a different part of the printing industry,
each with   its unique compliance challenges and pollution prevention
opportunities.  This   videoconference, for flexographic printers, is
co-sponsored by the Flexographic   Technical Association (FTA).    

Viewers and hosts have consistently rated the programs very highly for
delivering relevant, timely information that printers can use .. in
language and   images that printers understand.  A survey of printers who
attended our second   videoconference revealed that over 90% had made
changes to their operations as   a result of the program!    

Who’s the Program for?  
This completely new program is for: flexographic printers; associations,
agencies,   and consultants who assist flexographic printers; and graphic
communication   students.  Flexo printers print most film and plastic
packaging, most corrugated   containers, many newspapers, labels, and 
other products.   

When and How?  
The 2-1/2 hour program will air April 27, 2000.  The program will be
broadcast via   C-band satellite.  The live national program will begin
10:30 AM Eastern/9:30 AM   Central/ 8:30 AM Mountain / 7:30 AM Pacific. 

What’s It About?    
The title of the program is High Performance Flexo: Printing   with a
Cleaner, Greener Image.  The program will help   flexographers identify
cost-effective approaches to reduce wastes, reduce   emissions and 
compliance.  Specific topics will include selection and management of
inks, alternative platemaking technologies, and management of  cleanup
solvents and wipes.  In-plant case studies will give viewers an up-close
look at what peers across the U.S. are doing to reduce wastes and 
 compliance.  Speakers and case study representatives will be available to
accept   and answer questions received by fax or phone during the 

Why Should I Sponsor a Downlink Site?  
Because the printers who attend will love you!  This is top-shelf,
cutting- edge   info, presented in language and images printers understand
and use.  Follow-up   surveys of past PNEAC videoconferences have 
that over 90% of   attending printers take action to improve environmental
performance after   attending.  You gain visibility with local businesses,
become the gateway to this   valuable info, and know that you have a
quality product to promote.  Past   sponsors have found PNEAC
videoconferences to be a valuable way to meet and   interact with printing
businesses, opening the door to discuss available services   and current
regulatory issues.  As a downlink host, you also have the   opportunity to
make one videotape copy of the program for future educational   use.   

As a downlink host, your organization is the local sponsor.  National
sponsors   include the Printers’ National Environmental Assistance Center,
the Flexographic   Technical Association, the EPA Office of Enforcement
and Compliance   Assurance, EPA Design for the Environment Program, 
Air Pollution Distance   Learning Network, and the University of

How Much Will the Program Cost?  
Because of the generous support of the EPA, PNEAC is able to offer free
downlink registrations for the first 100 sites that sign up for the
program.    Subsequent sites will be charged a $100 registration fee.  

What are my responsibilities as a   downlink host?  
As a downlink host, you have the opportunity to determine how to best
deliver   and use this program to meet the needs of your clientele.
Downlink hosts make all   arrangements for any downlink sites they are
sponsoring, and for promotion of   those downlink sites.  Downlink hosts
are free to set, collect, and use appropriate   registration fees for
attendance at those sites.  Downlink sponsors will receive   one master
course notebook, which is to be copied and distributed to all
videoconference participants by the downlink sponsor.  Downlink sponsors
are   encouraged to supplement the national program with local/state
presentations,   discussions or written material to further address
questions and needs of local   printers.   

How Will PNEAC and FTA help promote   the program?  
FTA will be promoting the videoconference to flexographic printers through
articles in trade press publications and promotional announcements at
trade   shows.  A list of downlink sites and coordinators will be
maintained on the   PNEAC Web site (www.pneac.org), with the FTA Web 
(www.ftaffta.org)   providing links to this information.  PNEAC will
provide registered downlink sites   with a brochure template, which can be
adapted for local use.  FTA has   volunteered to provide mailing labels to
any local host upon request, and has   offered to help suggest potential
partners, such as local vendors, who might be   interested in helping to
promote or sponsor local downlink sites.   

How do I get more info?  
 Go to the PNEAC Web site at:  

or contact:  

     General information:
     Kimberly Swanson, PNEAC: call 608-262-0910; 
 e-mail  swanson@epd.engr.wisc.edu; or fax 608-262-6250.

     Program Content:
     Wayne Pferdehirt, PNEAC: call 606-262-0910 
 or e-mail pferdehi@epd.engr.wisc.edu

     Doreen Monteleone, FTA: call 5167376020 
 or e-mail dmonteleone@vax.ftaffta.org

Wayne P. Pferdehirt
Director, Master of Engineering in Professional Practice Program
Specialist, Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension
610 Langdon Street, Room 532, Madison, WI  53703-1195
Phone:  608/265-2361     Fax:  608/262-6250