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RE: Cremation or burial?

Hmmm.  I thought that the classic example of reuse (#3 below)would be 
donating your body to science or for organ transplant.  I thought that the 
soul in reincarnation was immaterial...

At 04:53 PM 10/14/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>My colleagues and I here in North Carolina gave this some deep thought,
>called in our life-cycle assessment expert, and have the following
>observations to share with the listserv:
>1) "Disposal or other release to the environment" (burial) is at the bottom
>of EPA's waste minimization hierarchy.
>2) Recycling -- the composting or rendering options -- is higher up on the
>3) Reuse is preferable to recycling. Potentially there could be some energy
>efficiency gains if you can find a way to reuse the product (corpse) instead
>of recycling and refabricating it. Our reference source here is a book one
>of the engineers is reading called "Old Souls:  The Scientific Evidence for
>4) Reduction is at the top of the hierarchy, of course. We assembled a
>subcommittee to look  into tools to prevent death and thereby reduce the
>number of corpses produced. However, our life-cycle guy  brought in modeling
>results which showed that the "use stage" of the product (an
>alive-and-driving human being) generated even bigger environmental impacts
>than the disposal stage of the product.
>We therefore concluded that the solution to this problem doesn't lie at the
>disposal stage. Any of the DfE folks care to design us a human with fewer
>impacts throughout its entire life cycle?
>Melissa Malkin Weber
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>Subject: Cremation or burial?
>Dear all.
>please help.
>i have a student investigating sustainable funerals, who is interested in
>burial vs. cremation and the environmental and social issues surrounding
>does anyone have any information or experience on US practices and
>arguements they wopuld like to share?
>are there any good reference documents, contact numbers or sites on the
>world wide web that would prove useful?
>please help!!!
>please e-mail me directly on a.read@kingston.ac.uk
>many thanks
>Discussion into the differing environmental impacts between cremation and
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