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RE: Solid Waste ?: Wood Waste Options

Recently, our office has been working to pair generators of virgin wood
waste (primarily furniture manufacturers) with POTWs for the purpose of
composting biosolids.  Composting is viewed (by us) as a better option than
agricultural utilization, or landfilling, when the completed product
qualifies under a give-away program.  We have 3 treatment plants composting
with excellent results...one uses tree bark, one wood chips (which get
screened out for re-use), and the 3rd is a state-of-the-art indoor facility
using a mix of green and kiln-dried sawdust.

The give-away program requires the compost to meet "exceptional quality"
standards.  Basic requirements aim at reduced levels of metals, pathogen
reduction, and vector reduction.

If you have a treatment plant nearby, and state regulations are favorable,
you may wish to explore this option together.


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		Anniston Army Depot (Anniston, Alabama) generates a
significant amount of
		wood waste annually.  The waste stream is compromised of
pallets, 'skids',
		boxes, and
		miscellaneous wood products.  The wood may be clean or
treated with a
		non-hazardous material (cosmoline, creosote, formaldehyde,
osmose, etc.).
		The clean wood is either (1) sold to the public, (2) chipped
for landscaping
		or composting, or (3) stockpiled.  The vast majority of the
wood waste is
		stockpiled, since the Recycling Center can not process it as
quickly as it
		is generated.  The treated wood is disposed of off-site in a

		Are there commercial markets for this waste?  What are some
of the
		alternative technologies, processes, etc. that can use this


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