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RE: Cremation or burial? -Reply

Beth and all...

Oddly enough, a team in one of my pollution prevention classes at WSU did a
pollution prevention assessment at a funeral home and cemetery.  I do not recall
the exact numbers, but about 40-50% of people are cremated now, and the majority
of the rest are buried without embalming.  The director told us that only older,
"traditional" people want embalming.  They just refrigerate the rest I think,
until burial.   They did have the vaults though as required by law, so
decomposition is much harder.

The P2 suggestions my students had for them were how to reduce water use at the
cemetery, eliminating solvent-based paints, and some energy saving techniques
with the crematorium.   It did not seem within their scope to ask fewer people
to die (or to increase birth control).

Pretty wild.



Beth_Graves@p2pays.org on 10/14/99 05:18:41 PM

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Subject:  RE: Cremation or burial? -Reply

On this issue of burial to "promote composting."  It is my understanding
that state or maybe federal regulations REQUIRE you to be buried in a
"vault" and casket which basically prevents decomposition (not to mention
all the embalming fluids).  I don't think you CAN naturally compost even if
you wanted to.  I would love someone to tell me differently.

Beth Graves