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RE: Cremation or burial? -Reply

I knew a gardener who tossed road kill deer carcasses into his compost piles. All that was left in the finished compost was bones. I am not sure if the hides went in or not. The carcasses needed to be well covered in the pile to not attract scavengers. So composting humans should work from a chemical standpoint with a well run operation. Mercury fillings, etc would have to be considered. If a body were composted whole, there would  probably be issues to be resolved regarding turning of the compost. 

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>>> Beth Graves <Beth_Graves@p2pays.org> 10/14/99 03:18PM >>>
On this issue of burial to "promote composting."  It is my understanding
that state or maybe federal regulations REQUIRE you to be buried in a
"vault" and casket which basically prevents decomposition (not to mention
all the embalming fluids).  I don't think you CAN naturally compost even if
you wanted to.  I would love someone to tell me differently.

Beth Graves