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fwd: P2 Opportunities - Spent X-Ray Developer

Andrea Kreiner
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From: Paul J. Janiga@Water@DNREC, on 10/15/1999 11:16 AM:
To: Andrea Kreiner@Admin@DNREC

Do you know of anyone who collects spent developer from processing x-rays, 
photos, etc. I fielded a phone call from DelTech asking if it was okay to 
discharge the spent chemicals used to develop x-rays to the sewer. Because of 
the amount and nature of the chemicals used, dumping it to the sewer poses 
minimal risk to the sewerage system and should be okay; the only potential 
problem is the silver. I advised the person from DelTech to collect and store 
the spent developer until I can get a clear answer on dumping it into the 
sewer. That  begs the question of how other dental offices and hospitals, etc. 

deal with disposal of these chemicals and whether there is anyone who would 
anxiously collect it and recover the silver at no cost to the facility 
generating the waste. The person with whom I spoke seemed to be concerned 
about the cost of collecting and having someone else dispose of this waste.

Sounds like a prime opportunity for P2. Do you have any info I can relay to 
DelTech? Thanks!