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Meta-search Engines -Reply

My favorite is http://dogpile.com/ which actually compiles several
search engines.  Some are index or catalogue based however it
which search metadata.  I find what I need on web crawler more
than any of the other meta search engines.  It is particularly good
at finding obscure things and does an amazing good job of
filtering out irrelevant links.

Thomas Vinson
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>>> sanjay gupta <sanjay17963@yahoo.com> 10/14/99
11:53pm >>>
Hello All,
I am looking for some very good "Meta-search Engines
(MSEs)". Your help in this regard is solicited.
At present I am using following MSEs:
(1) Mamma; [http://www.mamma.com]
(2) Metacrawler; [http://www.metacrawler.com]
(3) Search; and [http://search.metafind.com]
These are required at SDNP-India programme where my
role in my job is as a "Search Engine", to locate
the net items related to "Sustainable Development".
Thanking you in advance,
With best regards,
Yours sincerely,
sanjay gupta
information scientist
Sustainable Development Networking Programme -
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Room No. 1023, 10th Floor,
Paryavaran Bhawan
CGO Complex
Lodi Road
New Delhi - 110 003.
Tel: +91-11-436 2140
Fax: +91-11-436 1147
Email: sdnp@envfor.delhi.nic.in
Web-site: http://sdnp.delhi.nic.in
Mirror Web-site:


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