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RE: Spent X-Ray Developer

> Andrea Kreiner <akreiner@state.de.us> asked (in part):
	> Do you know of anyone who collects spent developer from processing

At the risk of stating the obvious*, it's worth exploring whether the firm
in question also
is responsible for CREATING the x-rays.  If so, it might be worth looking at
imaging in lieu of film-based x-rays.  This technology is already making
inroads to 
dentistry, and I imagine is available for other applications as well.  I
talked with my dentist 
recently about this (actually, he talked and I listened - it's hard to do
the talking with
a mouth full of x-ray equipment).  He has used digital x-rays for some time
(he's even more 
prevention oriented than most of the subscribers to this list!).  He felt
that the technical 
advantages alone justify the investment in equipment.  On his system, the
imaging is done on a standard PC,
which he can wheel over to the patient.  He can show you the x-ray in
real-time, using enhanced color
in order to clearly point out that you do, indeed, have holes in your head
(or at least in your 
teeth).  The reduction in lab waste -- 100% reduction -- is an important but
nonetheless secondary
bonus in his opinion.   Additional advantages include simplified archiving
and retrieval of images, ability to do 
considerable image enhancement via digital image manipulation, and much
lower x-ray exposures to both
patients and staff.

Worth investigating, at any rate.  Also, since I am in a nitpicky mood
today, remind your customer that most of the silver is 
actually present in the spent fixer solution, not the developer per se.  The
role of the developer is 
simply to turn the exposed silver halide particles into elemental silver,
whereas the fixer removes the 
remaining (unexposed/undeveloped) silver, where it remains in solution. 

* Besides, I think we all agree that stating the obvious is an oft-times
very effective P2 strategy.

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