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Cremation or Burial? Halloween came early this year

It's Friday, so here goes...

All this talk of death and dying,
Sends thoughts Kubler-Ross aflying.
To reuse or recycle bodies is ghoulish fraught,
To donate, the corpse to science is a great thought.

The solution, to human pollution is not dilution,
But reduction of population is not a delusion!
The prevention of the final destination = frustration,
For translation to control our population = solution.

Interring takes space
Laws might prevent composting a face.
We are over running creation at this pace
Cremation or donation might make the best case.

But whatever your thought on the ultimate fate,
You can be sure that it will be subject to debate!

Sorry for this out pouring, I'm in your debt.
Thanks to one and all at p2tech!

Pam Howd
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Storage Tank Division
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Sometimes Life seems to be clouded with pain and suffering.
But above the clouds, there is a blue sky.

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