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RE: Cremation or Burial? Halloween came early this year

At the risk of being a bit macbre
or somewhat worse, an oafish slob
I might suggest another tack --
Raise wriggling earthworms on our remains 
(just remember -- they hate the brains!).

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> Subject:	Cremation or Burial? Halloween came early this year
> It's Friday, so here goes...
> All this talk of death and dying,
> Sends thoughts Kubler-Ross aflying.
> To reuse or recycle bodies is ghoulish fraught,
> To donate, the corpse to science is a great thought.
> The solution, to human pollution is not dilution,
> But reduction of population is not a delusion!
> The prevention of the final destination = frustration,
> For translation to control our population = solution.
> Interring takes space
> Laws might prevent composting a face.
> We are over running creation at this pace
> Cremation or donation might make the best case.
> But whatever your thought on the ultimate fate,
> You can be sure that it will be subject to debate!
> Sorry for this out pouring, I'm in your debt.
> Thanks to one and all at p2tech!
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