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RE: Cremation or burial? -Reply -Reply

Greetings All -

Regarding the roadkill, first one must dress up their culinary skills with

Totalled Roadkill Cookbook 
 By: Peterson, Buck

There is also a cookbook about preparing dishes using your car engine,
jus' don't know if they overlap.


Ocean burial.  This would be a beneficial way to help restore the
depletion of our sea bounty.  A chance to give back.

Besides the factory ships with their large freezer space could be used
going out, not just coming in with their harvest of undersized fish.  

And to top it off, many cultures view death as a time not to be overcome
with grief, but raise the glass and toast to fond memories.  Why not on
Carnival Lines?

So why do we save the bodies? It's not like we're collecting them for
future value, like Beanie Babies.

It's been fun and enlightening.

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