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Coolant & oil contaminated storm water

Any ideas or examples of solutions for reducing volumes of oily rainwater that accumlates in metal chip storage bins that are located outside at machine shops?

The easy answer is to store them indoors or under a roof, but this is easier said than done when interior space is at a premium and the waste management can be pushed off to the scrap recyclers (who are competing among themselves for accounts).
One local recycler has looked at bin covers as a solution, but found the cover designs they looked at (fabric, plastic & sheet metal) to be unreliable and easily damaged.
Stormwater rules kick in to require a plan and best management practices, but keeping the oily liquid off the ground through the use of sealed bin bottoms and sending the liquid with the scrap to the recycler appears to satisfy regulators.

Anyone know of chip bin / lugger designs that keep rain out?
Anyone know of regulatory or incentive programs that have successfully dealt with a similar issue?