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Re: Meta-search Engines

See also the estimable, new http://www.sustdev.org.

Salutations from Massachusetts!
Nick Gill

Butner, Robert S wrote:

> While many of us on the list were embroiled in a discussion of matters
> metaphysical
> (OK, maybe that's stretching it a bit...) Sanjay Gupta
> (sanjay17963@yahoo.com) asked the following
> question regarding meta-data and meta-search:
>         > I am looking for some very good "Meta-search Engines
>         > (MSEs)". Your help in this regard is solicited.

>         >
>         > At present I am using following MSEs:
>         > (1) Mamma; [http://www.mamma.com]
>         > (2) Metacrawler; [http://www.metacrawler.com]
>       > (3) Search; and [http://search.metafind.com]
> Sanjay --
> A site which has gathered a lot of "buzz" lately and which personal
> experience indicates
> does a fine job of finding FOCUSED content (rather than just lots of hits)
> is the
> "Google" site (www.google.com).  Like Yahoo before it, Google is an offshoot
> of Stanford University
> student efforts to employ collaborative filtering concepts -- using data
> from a broad community of users
> to improve the results of searching techniques.  In a nutshell, it ranks
> sites according to how
> often they are linked from OTHER sites meeting the same search criteria.
> Thus, sites which are viewed
> by the peer community within a domain (i.e., sustainable development) as
> important are generally at the
> top of Google's search list.
> Testing this concept out experimentally with your key phrase "Sustainable
> Development" one finds that
> the International Institute of Sustainable Development's excellent web site
> (http://iisd1.iisd.ca/) ends up on top, along with
> other pre-eminent sites like:
>         The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sustainable Development
>         http://www.ulb.ac.be/ceese/meta/sustvl.html
>         Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development
>         http://www.sustainable.doe.gov/
>         The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
>         http://www.iesd.dmu.ac.uk/
>         United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
>         http://www.un.org/esa/sustdev/csd.htm
> While there are undoubtedly other great sites on the topic, these are
> certainly all key starting points, and in the case of IISD and
> the DOE site, outstanding terminal sites, with good original content and
> extensive collections of both
> links and documents.
> Hope this helps.
> Scott Butner (rs_butner@pnl.gov)
> Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
> Pacific NW National Laboratory
> 4500 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA  98105 3900
> 206-528-3290 voice/206-528-3552 fax
> http://www.chemalliance.org/

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