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Of interest to P2 Information Providers (webmasters, librarians,

and program managers)
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My apologies to those members of the GLINFO list, who have already seen
this. For the rest of you, this might be of some interest, and we certainly
welcome your involvement:

Over the past several months, the P2Rx cooperative of regional P2
information centers (http://www.epa.gov/p2/p2rxdir.htm), and the  
>National P2 Roundtable's Information Exchange Workgroup 
> (http://www.p2.org/nppr_wg.html) 
> have collaborated on the development of a standards-setting process
> intended to facilitate the 
> exchange of electronic information (web pages, database contents, etc)
> between P2 information providers.  
> The standards setting process is described, in all its gory detail, at:
> http://www.p2.org/standards/
> The initial step in the creation of an information standard is the
> submission of a "Request for Comments."
> As the volunteer moderator of the Request for Comments (RFC) process, I am
> pleased to 
> announce the availability of our first formally submitted Request for
> Comments:
>     RFC99-01:  Cooperative News Standard for Internet Cooperative Member
> Sites 
> This RFC is more commonly known as the Envirosense News Metatagging
> effort. The basic intent of this technology 
> is to facilitate the automatic collection of news, conference and workshop
> announcements, etc from 
> participating web sites.  It is a first step towards web documents that
> contain "self describing" data.
> You may view the RFC at: http://www.p2.org/Standards/RFCArchive/99-01.htm
> Envirosense has also provided a site which allows you to see this method
> in action, at the following URL:
> http://es.epa.gov/cooperative/ipp/ippnews.html
Comments on the submitted RFC will be accepted through November 14, 1999.  
At that time, my expectation is that the comments will be incorporated into
the document  and it will be submitted formally as a proposed standard.
Like all of the standards developed via this process,  implementation of
the standard will remain voluntary, but it is expected that P2 web sites
which participate in 
implementing the standard will benefit from improved information content
and efficiency of operation.
> Comments on the RFC can be sent to me (butner@battelle.org). 
> Thanks to Myles Morse and the team at SAIC (Barclay Inge, Chris Messner,
> Michelle Passereli, and Mike Coccagna) for their 
> work in developing this RFC, and for their patience and perseverance while
> I got it posted.  I hope it will catalyze the development
> of other good ideas for improving the flow of P2 information.
> Scott Butner (rs_butner@pnl.gov)
> Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
> Pacific NW National Laboratory
> 4500 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA  98105 3900
> 206-528-3290 voice/206-528-3552 fax
> http://www.chemalliance.org/

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List Manager
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& Research Center