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Re: Wood/furniture paint stripper

Benzyl alcohol based products are usually a lot more effective than the
n-methyl pyrrolidone or citrus based, but I don't know brand names off
hand.  They are typically activated with formic acid or ammonium
hydroxide, the acid type are more agressive.  There are some peroxide
strippers that are good but can be a disposal problem, they continue to
react.  NMP is usually for hot dip tanks.  It should be a good choice
environmentally if it works, it is not a HAP and has very low vapor
pressure and flammability.   

Phil Bevilacqua

Robert Lanphear wrote:
> We are searching for what is currently considered the better
> wood/furniture paint strippers that do not contain methylene chloride or
> e-methyl pyrrolidone (EMP). So far candidates may be Citristrip, Star 10
> and Ready Strip. Are these products effective? Are there others that may
> be better? Would appreciate all suggestions.
> Bob Lanphear
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