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Re: P2 in candy manufacture


I do not have good suggestions for reference materials, but I have an
experience to share with you.  A couple years ago, I was working with a
company that made a wide variety of dessert toppings for Dairy Queen (boy,
the place smelled good).  The BOD and TSS levels in their wastewater
discharge had significantly increased in the past 18 months, and they were
facing huge increases in sewer costs.

We found that substantial amounts of wastewater and organic loadings were
coming  from:  the loading/unloading area, the cook room, kettle cleaning,
and filling operations.  But, this still did not completely solve the
mystery of the fairly recent spike in BOD and TSS levels.

Through additional investigation, we discovered that they had switched from
liquid milk to powder milk at roughly the same time their wastewater
problems appeared.  Unfortunately, people in the cook room were handling
the powdered milk like liquid milk, spilling some here and there and
washing it down the drain.  Since liquid milk is mostly water, this was not
a problem in the past,  But, powdered milk is all solids, so just a little
down the drain can have a big impact.

The moral of this story:  be sure that kettle cleaning is your culprit.
It's the most obvious place to look, but it may not be largest source of
the BOD problem.

>I recognize that the problem statement is very general and obviously
>housekeeping and scheduling matters should be reviewed. That aside, a
>candy manufacturer has been asked by their POTW to reduce the discharge
>of materials from their kettle cleaning operations. Too much BOD is
>probably the issue. Are there any studies on P2 for candy manufacturing
>operations that focus on reducing discharge from kettle cleaning
>I am receiving a copy of a "Case Study - A Tale of Two Industries -
>Pretreatment  of Confectionery & Bakery Wastewaters" from p2pays.org. I
>have downloaded "Dissolved Air Flotation Systems (DAFs) for Bakeries";
>it may be somewhat relevant.
>Other suggestions would be appreciated.
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