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RE: P2 in candy manufacture

Without knowing more about the actual process or the materials used in
cleaning it is difficult to identify specific items to try.  As this has
seldom stopped me before from making suggestions from a point of little
knowledge I offer the following:

	*	 First, can the manufacturer do an initial clean with say
the final rinse of a previous cleaning and then only have to use a small
amount of water/cleaner to produce the final desired results?  If only used
over one time this might reduce the volume as much as 50%.   
	*	Secondly; can the "dirty" cleaning material be recycled or
concentrated in any way?  An atmospheric evaporator might be adequate if the
material is already hot or  if it can be heated.  Depending on the amount of
concentration you could experience significant volume reduction.  In
addition, if the water/cleaner evaporated off could be condensed and reused
additional savings in cleaner and makeup water could be realized.

Hope this helps or at least starts a productive thought process.

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> Subject: 	P2 in candy manufacture
> I recognize that the problem statement is very general and obviously
> housekeeping and scheduling matters should be reviewed. That aside, a
> candy manufacturer has been asked by their POTW to reduce the discharge
> of materials from their kettle cleaning operations. Too much BOD is
> probably the issue. Are there any studies on P2 for candy manufacturing
> operations that focus on reducing discharge from kettle cleaning
> operations.
> I am receiving a copy of a "Case Study - A Tale of Two Industries -
> Pretreatment  of Confectionery & Bakery Wastewaters" from p2pays.org. I
> have downloaded "Dissolved Air Flotation Systems (DAFs) for Bakeries";
> it may be somewhat relevant.
> Other suggestions would be appreciated.
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