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Adhesive information..


I am working with a local company that manufactures seats for ATV's,
watercraft, etc.  While their request for assistance is not directly P2
motivated, I am hoping this list has some contact info for companies
specializing in adhesives, tech advice.  BTW, I have checked the

They are looking for an adhesive to bond PVC Vinyl to a Nylon backing
(foam).  This adhesive must pass the test of 95% relative humidity and
80 degrees C for 500 hours.  Also, the adhesive must remain somewhat
"soft" (don't want hard seats!) and vibration resistant.  And, it is
important that the adhesive or process does not change the color of the

Currently, they believe Bostik 7086ts adhesive is the best alternative.
However, it does not pass the 500 hour test, only passes for 286 hours.

Any technical or vendor contact information greatly appreciated!


Chris Schroeder
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Health Division