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RE: water chestnut eradication

Off the top of my head, at the end of a Friday afternoon-

What about harvesting (a "lawn mower" for lakes/ponds, can go to a depth of
6 feet or so)?
Sediment removal? (most weeds can't grow in deeper water)
Grass carp or some other plant-eating fish? (must make sure they like that
plant and preferably only that plant, otherwise they'll wipe out all the
vegetation. Plus you're committed to this strategy until the fish die)
Exposing the plants to insects, beetles or fungi that will eat/kill the
Water level drawdown? (remove some of the water in November, expose muds to
freezing temperatures for about a month so the plants die)
Often the problem of weed/exotic plant infestation is a result of
eutrophication and if you address the problems leading to eutrophication,
you'll get rid of your weed problem. But that's a longer-term, bigger scope
project than just dumping poison into the water, which appears to be the
quick and easy solution, but unfortunately is only temporary and can cause
greater problems down the road.

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> Question: A pond is plagued by water chestnuts and the plan to eradicate
> involves pelleted 2-4 D.  Children swim in the pond. What alternatives do
> you know?