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Re: Recycling Of Grinding Swarf


If the swarf does not contain free-flowing liquid, it may qualify as scrap metal.  In Ohio, scrap metal that is recycled is not subject to Ohio's hazardous waste requirements.   The spent metalcutting fluid containing the metal trimmings may meet the definition of used oil.   As such, the used oil may be managed under the Part 279 (or state equivalent) used oil regulations, provided it is recycled.

It is my understanding that  it is more cost-effective to dispose of swarf in a landfill and that recycling opportunities and technologies for this material are limited.   I am aware of one company, Phoenix Environmental, Ltd.,  (no endorsement) that has a process that uses swarf as feedstock in the manufacture of magnetite products.   Magnetite is used in the manufacture of copy toner, paint, and other materials.   For details, contact:

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