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Re: Polypropylene LCA


Stonyfield Farm ( if they're not the food processor in question!) has investigated different kinds of lids for packaging their yogurt.  They were featured in a WasteWise teleconference in June, 1998.  You can read more about their packaging at:


For the P2 tech crowd, Stonyfield includes environmental messages on all of their yogurt lids.  My favorite so far is, "Think more. Use less.  Start now." with a link to Earth Communications Office web site.

And they make great yogurt!

Andrea Futrell
Ohio EPA, Office of Pollution Prevention
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>>>>>We are doing a study looking at sustainability indicators with the Lowell
Center for Sustainable Production for a food processing company.

We are looking for recent LCA-type data on food-grade polypropylene
containers (e.g. yoghurt cups and margerine containers).

Does anyone know of documents or persons we should contact?


Tim Greiner
Tim Greiner
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