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Re: Box Recycling Odors

This is a problem for EVERY company that seeks to go to zero wastewater
discharge or does extensive recycling of water within the plant.
Micro-organisms build up in the system and product lactic acid (bad milk
smell) and butryic acids (one of the foulest stenches around).  The company
uses biocides to kill the organisms.  They are weak biocides at first that
kill the weaker organisms.  The stronger biocides (great for life cycle
consideration and pollution prevention!!!) kill some more organisms.  This
leaves only the very hearty micro-organisms that are real resistant and
smell the worse.  These organisms grow better with no competition for
"food" from all the weaklings that are polished off by the extensive
biocide use (think worker safety breathing all that circulated water).  The
only thing that takes these buggers out is hydrogen peroxide at about 35%.
If you use enough of this, you are subject to the EPA Risk Management Plan
requirements and OSHA's process safety requirements.  To make matters
worse, the system has to go through blowdown to remove salt buildup.  In
many cases this blowdown is evaporated on site.  Many of these evaporates
are a characteristic hazardous waste.  Many companies have won governor's
awards in their states for zero wastewater discharge and have increased
biocide use, hazardous waste, and safety risks on site.  Had they simply
tried to produce LESS wastewater (pollution prevention) they may have been
able to have it properly treated by the local POTW.  I have some
information on a company in Wisconsin that has been down this route.  I
believe they are in the same industry.  You can contact me off line and I
will give you some information on who to contact.  I work with a large
number of OCC processors - none try to reuse this water.

BOB Pojasek

At 02:08 PM 10/27/99 -0400, you wrote:
>We are looking for solutions to the odor complaints caused by a company that 
>recycles Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) into new corrugating paper for new 
>boxes.  Their closed loop process water recirculation system causes buildup 
>of waste materials in the water which causes odors in the paper machine 
>exhaust.  Any advice would be appreciated!  Thanks.
>Paul Dwiggins
>Massachusetts DEP

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