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outside question


I was forwarded this message b/c the responder thought that the original
sender (crust) is a member of this list. Regardless, I think that some of
you out there would have some information for this church concerning their


P.S. Please respond directly to the Church.
From: "Church of the Holy Spirit" <holysprt@wolfenet.com>
To: <crust@ioa.com>
Subject: your letter on the net about photographic chemicals
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 15:02:55 -0700

I guess it is not really any of my business, but maybe it is, since half of
my working day is spent as a secretary in a septic pumping firm.  We had a
homeowner in the community concerned about a renter who did developing of
her own film.  Not having any written data about such chemicals in relation
to a septic tank, we called the national pollution control folks in DC, and
one of the bits of information they sent to us was your letter.  (The large
body of the information out there discourages the dumping of photographic
chemicals into septic tanks, including www.kodak.com, which surprised me,
because you referred to them in your letter.)
	I can see what you are aiming at, mixing the chemicals all together to
neutralize the ph.  But that does not remove the chemicals from the
groundwater, where they end up after leaving the drainfield.  I wondered if
the quote "flushed to the sewer with adequate rinse water" means just that:
the sewer.  That is significantly different from the septic tank, which is
an on site sewage treatment plant, using the activity of bacteria and the
cleansing properties of the soil to remove harmful bacteria from septage.
It does not remove chemicals from septage.  These stay in the soils,
polluting the groundwater.
	Please don't take this as an attack.  We are in the learning business, as
well as the information distribution business, as we seek to inform our
customers about septic systems.  I am just trying to find out the best
answer for the question.  Thanks, Debbie Lincoln, church (other half of the
day) secretary
Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
IL. Waste Management 
& Research Center