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Nonregulatory assistance programs -Reply

We have three programs.  One teaches businesses how to
reduce pollution at it's source, saving money and reducing
waste; we do this through pubs, Site Assessments etc.. The
other one offers free non-regulatory assistance to businesses
under 200 employees (actually we will help anyone)  The Small
Business Hotline is at 800 447 2827  I am not sure if it will work
from outside Tx, so you might want to call us directly at 512 239
3100.    We also do a lot of outreach seminars.

Some of the results of the site assesments is at:

Our org chart is at:

More info. on the Small Business and Environmental Assistance
division is at 


>>> Cindy McComas <mccom003@tc.umn.edu> 11/01/99
11:12am >>>
I am looking for contacts and phone numbers of folks working in 
nonregulatory assistance programs that are part of regulatory
agencies that 
I can call for information on structure, organization, results, how
they think it works, etc.  Thanks, Cindy

Cindy McComas, Director
University of Minnesota
1313 5th Street SE, Ste. 207
Minneapolis, MN  55414
612-626-4769 (fax)