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Fw: U.S.Government Agency EPRs

November 2, 1999

Can anyone tell me if U.S.Government Agencies are required to file
environmental performance reports?

The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 requires performance
measures, focusing on the outcome of programs.

OMB Circular A-127 and the 1990 Chief Financial Officers Act requires all
government agencies to develop a single, integrated financial
management system.

President Clinton's Executive Order 12856 requires agencies to develop
pollution prevention programs and the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory
Board (FASAB) (created under the 1990 Chief Financial Officers Act) has
drawn up
environmental financial accounting standards SFFAS 5 (clean up liability) &
SFFAS 6 (plant, property, and equipment) for all Federal agencies to adopt
when accruing environmental performance for their annual reports.

I would also like to know if under the terms of the Memorandum of
Understanding among the EPA, DOE, and DOD Concerning Cooperation in
Security(signed July 3, 1996) and the DOD Instructions 4715.6/4715.1 aren't
Federal Government agencies required to issue environmental performance
using FASAB environmental Federal Accepted Accounting Principles?

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