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Beach Plastic

I asked our expert on Beach Cleanup, (Brenda Cash.)  Her reply
is below.

You can check with the Center For Marine Conservation (CMC).  I
believe their main office is still in Washington, DC.  I have an old
copy of a book entitled: A Citizen's Guide To Plastics In The
Ocean: More Than A Litter Problem that was put out by them. 
They should have some great contacts that could be helpful to

Their web address is: www.cmc-ocean.org

Good Luck !

Thomas Vinson
State of Texas
Pollution Prevention and Industry Assistance
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78753

512 239 3182

>>> jim konchan <jimk@junior.apk.net> 10/27 10:45 AM >>>
My name is Anne Konchan.  I am doing a project about the
polution at
Huntington Beach on Lake Erie.  I am specificaly working on the
of plastics on the beach.  If you have an information you would
like to
share with me, I would grately appreciate it.  Thank you for your