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Re: hospital disinfectants

It is also better to look for disinfectants that
are mercury free as well. One company I have learned about is SafeScience out
of Boston. ( http://www.safesci.com ). They sell cleaning products that are
safe both for the environment and the individual. I have tried them (samples)
and they work.

Laurie J. Tenace
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Hazardous Waste Management
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*I have read that "Quaternary amine" disinfectants are recommended as
*alternatives to "Phenolic" disinfectants for hospitals.   I am looking
*for the names of specific products that contain "Quaternary amines".  It
*would also be helpful to have the names of the specific "Quaternary
*amines" that could be listed as ingredients on product labels or MSDS
*sheets.  Thank you!
*-Tracy Wyhlidko, Pretreatment Coordinator, City of Eureka, California
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*email: pretre@tidepool.com