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Proposal Request for Internship Project

The Delaware DNREC is requesting proposals for the development and operation 
of a pollution prevention internship program for students at Delaware 
universities and colleges.  This request is to continue an effort begun under 
an EPA Pollution Prevention Incentives for States grant.  The current project 
has built upon existing internship opportunities to provide a linking 
mechanism between these internship programs and companies with pollution 
prevention projects to be undertaken.

Those interested in submitting a proposal should contact me (via phone ro 
e-mail) to request a copy of the grant and latest progress report on the 

The awardee will be required to provide a 1:1 match for all monies awarded 
under this contract.  
The project was initially sheduled to end 9/30/2000, but can be extended if 
appropriate for project completion.

Proposals are due Dec 15.  2 copies of the proposal should be submitted.

Andrea Kreiner
DNREC Business & Permitting Services
89 Kings Hwy, Dover, DE, 19901
302-739-6242 FAX