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Data help

We have a client that has developed an innovation process that can be used to
regenerate hydrochloric acid SPL and will save 409,000BTU/ton.  the process is
innovative because it saves the BTUs, enables on-site closed loop pickling and
regeneration, eliminating the need for transporting SPL (a listed haz. waste
K062), cost effective, and produces a marketable by product (ferrous sulfate
heptahydrate) what is in short supply, and uses the preferred HCL in the
pickling process.

The company has built and tested a pototype device to simulate a continuous stip
mill pickling operation to test the regenerated acid.  The results have been
successful and the system is read for full-scal demonatration.  They have
received DOE development money in the past and have submitted an application for
the next round of NICE3.

Here's where we need the help.  We are looking for a way to accumulate data that
tells us how many sites handled or disposed of, (and I will take either number
), sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, what they used it for, and how many gallons
were involved.   We need the information to make projections of possible units
for GTG to process inline acid.

Any thoughts on where we can go to get this information?

Thanks for your help,