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P2 Loan Programs


We are in the process of assessing a new P2 loan program for metal finishers 
in Southern California and are interested in hearing about the success and/or 
failure of other similar programs out there.  We are looking for information 
on state and local programs that have provided industry specific or general 
P2 loans to the small business community.  Why did/didn't your program work?  
Were the loans market rate?  How much money was available and what was the 
maximum loan amount?  Where did the money come from (i.e., SBA, general fund, 
SRF, fees/fines)?  How P2 specific was the loan (could they use it for 
compliance?) and did the applicant have to pass any environmental criteria 
(i.e., strong compliance history) in order to receive the loan?

Thanks for your help.

Sarah M. Diefendorf
Executive Director
Environmental Finance Center, Region IX
Alameda Point
851 West Midway Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501-5012
Ph:  415-664-4715
Fx:  415-664-1675