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RE: Oil filter disposal

Used oil is a listed hazardous waste in a number of states including
Massachusetts.  Although the original letter did not state this, it a real
problem for this kind of program.  Other states have this issue.  I thought
California lists used oil as hazardous as well.  Maybe they have thought of
a loop-hole to permit this kind of activity.  

Bob Pojasek

At 05:21 PM 11/15/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I am forwarding a response for Christine from one of my colleagues, Merrit
>Drucker.  Hope the information helps!
>Kim Mihalik
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>Ms. Edmonson,
>I would suggest the following:
>1.  Contact your State environmental regulators and your EPA region and get
>their opinion. My understanding is that crushing will render the filters
>nonhazardous and will permit you to recycle them as scrap metal. I would
>strongly recommend recycling of the filters rather than disposal as MSW.  
>2.  Contact the Filter Manufacturer's Council Hotline at 1 800 993 4583.
>They can provide you information on State regulations and vendors in your
>area who can take the filters. 
>Their web site is: www.filtercouncil.org 
>3.  Visit the nearest Army National Guard Facility to see how they are
>managing filters. 
>4.  Unless your State specifically requires physical disassembly of the
>filters, I would avoid this practice, unless you have a very large fleet.  I
>would shop around your area for a vendor who will take them at a low cost.  
>5.  One alternative would be to puncture and hot drain for 24 hours, and
>then send them out uncrushed. Some vendors like them uncrushed so they can
>6.  As a P2 option, you may want to look at reusable oil filters.
>Good luck with your project.  
>Best regards,
>Merrit Drucker
>Juna Z. Snow
>List Manager
>IL. Waste Management 
>& Research Center

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