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MnTAP is moving

Please make a note of our address and phone/fax changes beginning Dec. 1. 
 Our e-mails will remain the same.


MnTAP is moving!  That's right, we are planting our feet in the brand new, 
University of Minnesota Gateway building beginning December 1, 1999.  We 
are especially excited about connecting more strongly with the University. 
 We want to keep in touch.  Be sure to bookmark our website at 
http://www.mntap.umn.edu to stay connected to MnTAP staff and the resources 
that help you reduce waste and save money.

Starting December 1, 1999, our new address and general contact numbers will 
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
University of Minnesota Gateway
200 Oak St. SE, Suite 350, Minneapolis, MN  55455-208
612-624-1300, fax 612-624-3370
Our 800 number (800-247-0015) and web address will stay the same.

Cindy McComas, Director
University of Minnesota
1313 5th Street SE, Ste. 207
Minneapolis, MN  55414
612-626-4769 (fax)