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Natural Paints for Ceramics in Artists* Workshops -Reply

Can you please give me more information?  

Is there an online description of it with it's properties?
How much do they use?
Who is their current supplier and how do they get the coating to the manufacturer?

It sounds like the paint is simply decorative.  In this case a water based paint should suffice; many coatings are available, but there might be some problems shipping to Nicaragua.  Is there current supplier willing/able to produce alternate coatings?

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>>> Christine R÷hrer <chr@ibw.com.ni> 11/16/99 04:42pm >>>
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Dear colleagues, 

We are supporting Nicaraguan microenterprises which produce artistic
ceramics mainly for the local and some for the export market. They are
looking for alternative paints in order to replace paints with heavy metal
compounds by natural ones.  

Have you seen published reports, unpublished studies or do you know of
somebody working in that field? Your hints are most appreciated.  

Thanks in advance

Christine Roehrer

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