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Copper Chloride solution

Dear P2 Tech:
I am looking for  possible re-use of a copper chloride solution. 
Any idea what type of industry might find this useful? 
Unfortunately, I do not have good chemical analysis info on the
solution, other than it has a very low pH (0-1) and that it was
used in the engraving process.  

This type of solution is not a hot commodity on the waste
exchange listings I have checked. At this point, however, I am
only looking for the possibility of  re-using the solution, to give the
one-guy operation a bit more time for finding alternatives to
disposal.  I realize most waste exchanges like a constant supply
of a "waste" chemical at a standard amount (ie xx gallons per
month). This would be a one time deal, of more than 30 drums
containing approximately 100 pounds of copper per drum.  

Any ideas of how this solution might be useful, once good 
chemical analysis information is available?

Lin Hill