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Search Engines - Further Info.

1 or 2 months ago information on "meta-search engines" was requested.

The following website is a guide to search engines.  My brief skimming of   
the site makes me think it will answer the questions of a novice, even   
though it is clearly for search engine junkies.


What is copied below is from their introductory page.

Introduction to the site
Welcome to one of most complete site dedicated to the
Search Engines.

The objective of this site (inaugurated in september 1997 in Italian   
language) is to supply pratical and complete information about search   
engines, which represent an indispensable instrument for every Internet   

The Guide is for every surfer, and offers services and useful news to the   
neophyte and to the professional user. However the intention of the site   
is to follow the indications of the visitors, whose suggestions are   
always appreciate.

In this page, we introduce some of the main arguments of the site; we   
describe moreover some interactive functions to use the Guide to the   


Users Typology
To the "new comers" on the Net, we dedicate an introductory chapter about   
search engines, and a space where we describe the most important ones.   
Ther is also an area called Questions and answers, that helps to know and   
to resolve some of the more common problems.

One of the pages more visited of this site is the Search one, from which   
is possible to access directly to the functions of the most important   
search engines. This page has been set as a starting point of their   
browser from many users. This is worth also for the page Connections, a   
directory with many links to the most important search engines, and is an   
other comfortable point of departure for the exploration of the WWW.
The chapter practical suggestions allows to know some tricks in order to   
make the searches more effective and precise, while the page recent news   
collects all the latest news and the curiosities about the world of the   
search engines.

Who manage one or more Websites, will find here useful information. In   
particular the section Submission, analyzes step by step the procedure to   
insert a site into a Search Engine and allow, free of charge, to add   
automatically a website in the main international Search Engines.
The space dedicated to the statistical data also offers the possibility   
to optimize the choice of the keywords for the search engines   
registration verifying, as an example, the first one hundred words used   
in the searches.
For who wishes to offer to his own visitors a link with the Guide, are   
then available some buttons to insert in your own website.

For who make of the search his work, this website offer one great amount   
of information, starting from links with all the main search engines of   
every countries, to the list of the Specialized Search Engines. With the   
multilingual search it is instead possible to translate a term   
instantaneously in order to make a search using the translated word as a   
The section statistic informations is one of the most complete and   
updated avaible today and offer analytical data in order to understand   
how net surfer use the search engines and improve your knowledge of the   
To the main search engines, are then dedicated monographic chapters that   
links complete and updated technical and descriptive references.   
Moreover, the section Books about Search Engines expose the best   
available texts relative to the world of internet search.

For who are interested to the advertising on the Net, Search Engines   
represent one of the most used vehicle and it offers great possibilities.   
To this purpose, statistical data on this website helps in the planning   
of advertising campaigns and in the choice of the website on which   
canalizing the investments. At the same time, the advertise on this   
website concurs to plan the own campaign in versatile way and with   
competitive costs.

For the most curious of you, will be funny to discover what are looking   
for other internet users at this moment, but also to give a glance to the   
latest news about the Search Engines.

Hope this helps.
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