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Seeking EE/NIS Project Examples

Apologies for any cross-postings.  
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From:	Kirsten Oldenburg, INTERNET:kirsi@worldnet.att.net

RE:	Seeking EE/NIS Project Examples

I am looking for examples of environmental projects conducted in Eastern
Europe and the Newly Independent States (NIS), including the Russian
Federation, that I can convert to case studies for a client.  The set of
case studies will eventually appear on the client's website.  

The case studies are intended to illustrate best environmental practices
and involve transfers of environmental goods and/or services (i.e., p2
assessments) to local governments, the private sector, and organizations in
the EE/NIS region.      

If you happen to have done any such projects or know of any, I would
appreciate it if you would contact me.

Kirsten U. Oldenburg
P2cP Consulting
423 12th Street SE
Washington DC 20003
202-546-8386 fax

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