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RE: Industry Sectors and Cleaner Production in China

In a recent posting to P2TECH, Jill Engel-Cox (jill.engel-cox@pnl.gov) asked
(in part):

	> I an starting a small literature survey and general research on
major industry
	> sectors in China...The goal is to review major industry sectors,
	> their pollutant levels, and their potential for cleaner
production.  Does anyone
	> know of general resources, websites, literature, organizations,
etc, to begin to
	> gather this information?

Jill --

The World Bank's NIPR site has a "Country Briefing" on China available at:


Like their other country briefings, this site has a collection of pollution
index data, policy papers, working papers by World Bank staff, etc.  I'd
suggest this as a resource of first resort.  Note that it might also be
profitable to track down the proceedings of the WB's May 1999 Conference on
Creating Incentives for Industrial Firms to Control Pollution in China

Hope this helps.  If you need more suggestions, you know where to find me.

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific NW National Laboratory
4500 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA  98105-3900
206-528-3290 voice/206-528-3552 fax