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Materials request

NOTE form List Manager: This is a request for information. Please direct
all replies directly to horst@early.com

Thanks. - juna

Here is the information about the "stuff."  Am seeking a recycle or reuse
for "waste" fabric.  None of these is very large or 

1.  Fabric cuttings and falloffs
2.  Bailed
3.  Largely 50%-50% cotton, poly twill
4.  Mixed colors, largely brown and white
5.  Approximately two tractor trailer loads
6.  Located in central PA 
6.  Immediate response necessary

Please let me know if this is enough.  I very much appreciate your help.


Horst, Inc.
183 West Main Street
Kutztown, PA   19530
(610) 683-5730
(610) 683-5733  Fax
(917) 406-6081  Cell

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
IL. Waste Management 
& Research Center