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RE: EMS Survey of Electroplating Equipment Suppliers

NSF-ISR has done work on EMS implementation for Metal Finishers and have
published a guide (see excerpt and website below).  Perhaps this can help.
For more information on this document contact Petie Davis at 888 NSF-9000.

Environmental Management Systems: A Guide for Metal Finishers
                          This industry-specific guide contains detailed EMS
development advice based on the real life ISO 14001
                          implementation experiences of 11 metal finishers
from around the country. The guide includes the following
                          for each of the 17 elements of the standard: What
the Standard Requires; Starting Points; Implementation
                          Tips; Examples: Conformance Check, and EMS Links.
In addition, the guide provides an overall action plan
                          for implementation and includes the top ten things
you should consider before implementing your EMS.