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P2 publications in Spanish?? -Reply

TNRCC has a few publications in spanish.  You can get them by going to
the publications and looking them up by series.


Here is a list with the series titles.  If you want, I can mail them to you.
GI-065A	Ozone: Es Bueno? Es Malo? (5/96)
GI-163	            Household Hazardous Wastes (1/96)
GI-170	              Recycle Your Used Oil and Oil Filters poster (7/97)
GI-219A	  Boletin Ambiental: Produccion De Abono Organico Con     
                           Gusanos (4/97)
GI-243A	Trabajemos Juntos para Dejar de Tirar Basura Ilegalmente
RG-049	Outdoor Burning/Quemar al Aire Libre en Texas (5/98)
RG-084A	Talleres de Carroceria: Un Resumen de la Prevencion, las  
                         Normas y los Permisos sobre la Contaminacion (5/95)
Thomas Vinson
Pollution Prevention Industry Assistance
TNRexas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
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>>> "Burt Hamner" <bhamner@home.com> 12/08/99 09:46am >>>
Hi all.  I just returned from Peru and Chile, where folks are starting =
up new P2 programs.  They are talking about spending lots of money on
Beltway Bandit consulting firms to produce P2 manuals in Spanish.  I am 
convinced that there must be some good stuff in the US already done in
Spanish and that they could do a lot more with their limited money than =
give it to the Bandits to reinvent the wheel.  So does anyone have a =
website or link to P2 stuff in Spanish - in electronic format - that I =
could send to S. American folks to help them get going?  Especially =
valuable would be basic P2 manuals, especially ones with a good
process =
management focus as opposed to the "checklist" approach.  I will =
consolidate all answers and post the summary back to P2tech for future
reference for everyone.

Thanks much.

Burton Hamner
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Seattle, WA USA 98105
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