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Mapping the Journey


Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce the publication on 17th December 1999 of

Lorinda R. Rowledge, Russell S. Barton and Kevin S. Brady
in collaboration with
James A. Fava, Cynthia L. Figge, Konrad Saur and Steven B. Young

288pp   234mm x 156mm
Hardback: ISBN 1874719 25 X
Paperback: ISBN 1874719 26 8

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This illuminating new book presents a series of in-depth case studies
from around the world based on numerous personal interviews with
organisational leaders and focusing on their journey towards
sustainability. The aim is to provide visions of a more sustainable
future, and shed light on the path, milestones and solutions - in
particular the management processes these organisations employed - to
provide a reliable compass that others can follow.

Although each organisation must take steps to fit its particular
circumstance, business conditions and culture, 'Mapping the Journey'
proves that valuable lessons can be learned by setting aside critique as
to where these organisations may yet make progress and instead focusing
on the guidelines, targets, measures of success, tools and techniques
and valuable wisdom about how pioneer organisations are travelling
toward a prosperous, sustainable future. Each organisation included has
crafted its own unique strategic responses to an identified need for
increased sustainability. While none can be said to have reached the
end-point of a sustainable development strategy, all have found that, by
addressing the challenge of sustainable industrial practices, they have

found innovative solutions, new opportunities for revenue generation,
better relationships with customers, new business and product
opportunities and a boost to morale from the executive ranks to
front-line employees.

'Mapping the Journey' examines both public and private organisations
worldwide: SJ Rail of Sweden; Sony Corporation; SC Johnson; TransAlta
Corporation; Patagonia; Henkel; Volvo; ASG; Interface Flooring Systems;
Suncor; DaimlerChrysler; AssiDomän; Germany's Centre for Technology
Assessment and the Dutch National Environmental Policy Plan.

These case studies provide an inspiring framework of effective processes
for defining a sustainable development strategy and transforming it
successfully into actions and results.

Case 1: Volvo
Strategic action toward sustainable mobility for society

Case 2: Suncor
Taking stakeholder relations to a new level

Case 3: AssiDomän
Foresters integrating dual goals of economy and environment

Case 4: Patagonia
First ascents: finding the way toward quality of life and work
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Journey" cover on our homepage).

Case 5: Interface Flooring Systems
Driving industrial standards higher

Case 6: Sony
Operationalising the slogan 'Entertaining the world: caring for the

Case 7: ASG
Trailblazing toward sustainable logistics and transport

Case 8: SC Johnson
Eco-Efficiency and beyond

Case 9: DaimlerChrysler
Redefining cost

Case 10: Center of Technology Assessment
Pursuing regional approaches to qualitative growth and sustainability

Case 11: Henkel
Traditional values and ecological leadership

Case 12: SJ Rail
Turnaround to sustainable transport for the 21st century

Case 13: TransAlta
New terrain: reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Case 14: The Netherlands National Environmental Policy Plan
Developing sustainable industrial strategy

"Sustainable business practices are the foundation for current and
future business success. Through the collection and presentation of case
studies, the authors of Mapping the Journey have created a framework for
both thought and action concerning the implementation of sustainable
development. The change, actions and leadership described in this book
present exciting potential to use sustainable practices to benefit
customers, employees, shareholders and society."

Kip Smith, President and CEO, Ballard Power Systems Inc.

"Although many of the companies profiled in this book of case studies
have already been recognised for their environmental and/or social
achievements, they are not - and most would not claim to be - anywhere
near their final destination. We have yet to see a genuinely sustainable
enterprise in most sectors of the economy. But the case studies do
provide useful clues to some of the competences and leadership skills
required. In short, they provide elements of a road map that will help
today's pathfinders - and tomorrow's would-be pioneers - to understand
both the market and political challenges they will face and the tools
and behaviours that will help them on their way."

John Elkington, Chairman, SustainAbility Ltd

"The road to corporate sustainability is fraught with many twists, turns
and potholes. The wonderful case studies detailed in this book provide
much-needed signage and guideposts for the journey."

Stuart Hart, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina

"Reinventing our industrial system is a critical necessity if we are to
have a sustainable global society on the earth. This useful book
documents the beginnings of that change - voluntary first steps by a
number of leading companies toward a more environmentally benign
business model. Such path-breaking examples bear close scrutiny, because
the strategies they suggest may soon become a necessity for virtually
all companies."

Allen Hammond, Senior Scientist at the World Resources Institute; author
of Which World: Scenarios for the 21st Century

"In Mapping the Journey the authors have captured the three essential
elements of the journey of learning of companies that have chosen
sustainable development as the context for achieving their vision:
first, the focus on knowledge - from innovation in strategy and action
as well as from the remembering and building upon past wisdom; second,
the journey as a collaboration in community with employees and
stakeholders; third, and above all, the action that produces the results
and knowledge that energises and supports the next stage of the

Jim Leslie, President, International Institute for Sustainable
Development (IISD) Business Trust

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