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Re: Optional P2 Questions for Biennial Haz. Waste Report

We've been doing something along those lines for the last three years.  I'll send you a copy of our revised questionnaire along with a summary of the responses next week.

Kevin Greene
Illinois EPA

>>> "KIRK M MILLS" <KMMILLS@smtpgate.dphe.state.co.us> 12/10/99 12:38PM >>>
Colorado is contemplating sending out an optional Waste Minimization / P2 questionaire with its Biennial Hazardous Waste Report forms.

 We will probably include questions similar to those asked in the past that are no longer included as well as questions relating to P2 fundamentals (p2 plans, EMS's, process analysis, env. cost accounting, etc.). 

If anyone else is doing this, I would be grateful to see what you are doing. Other ideas are welcomed also. I'll pull together a summary for the listserve.


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