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re-usable aerosol containers -Reply

Chris -

Both Zep and Inland Technology manufacture re-usable aerosol cans. 
The cans are filled with product and then with compressed air.  

Zep has locations all over the US.  The Southwest office is at DeSota, TX
and can be contacted by 972/228-3388

Inland Technology is located in Washington at 800/552-3100

Hope that helps!
Stephanie Wise
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

>>> "Chris Schroeder" <cschroed@ci.lincoln.ne.us> 12/13/99 03:53pm

I am trying to locate vendors for re-usable aerosol containers.  So far, I
have only located Milwaukee Sprayer Manf. CO., Inc., which
manufactures the "Sure Shot".  Does anyone know of any other vendor
for re-usable aerosol containers?

Thanks in advance,

Chris Schroeder
Environmental Egineer