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Colleagues -- 

As volunteer coordinator of the NPPR/P2Rx Information Standards process, it
is my pleasure to bring forward our first formal standards proposal under
the process adopted earlier this year.  The subject proposal (aka the
"Envirosense Coop News Tagging standard" due to the key role played by
Envirosense staff and management in its inception and implementation) has
been submitted for approval of the P2 community.  The voluntary standard
provides a mechanism for sharing "news" information between websites by
using specific HTML/XML-like tags to identify and describe this content
within a larger document or web site.   Approval of the standard will not
make it's use  mandatory but does provide a consistent implementation by
those sites choosing to do so.  The approval process is via e-mail vote, as
described at the NPPR/P2Rx Info Standards web site

The final proposed standard is available at:

The proposed vote was preceded by a formal comment period beginning
10/12/99.  Comments received during this period have been incorporated into
the proposed standard with the cooperation of the proposal authors
(Inge/Messner/Morse).  The voting period runs from 12/14/99 through
01/15/00.  Those wishing to participate can indicate whether they approve or
reject the proposal by sending an e-mail to me at butner@battelle.org.
Please include the words "Proposed Standard #99-01" in the subject line.

Voting is open to the P2 community at large, though it is anticipated that
the standard will primarily be of interest/concern to those responsible for
web site and other electronic content in the P2 community.  


Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)
P2 Info Standards RFC Editor