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Municipal AWT Sewage Treatment Plants


I would like to thank everyone who sented me information on advanced
wastewater treatment (AWT) facilities in the US.

It was interesting to note the American Water Works Association (AWWA),
Water Environment Federation (WEF), and the Association of Metropolitan
Sewage Agencies (AMSA) didn't provide their members with an inventory list
of secondary and or advanced wastewater treatment facilities!

The EPA Office of Wastewater Management's "1996 needs survey" did provide an
inventory of advanced wastewater treatment facilities but the EPA OWM says
there is no EPA standard for terciary treatment only secondary treatment.

Advanced wastewater treatment is defined by the EPA as any treatment above
secondary levels established under the Clean Water Act.

With water reuse becoming more and more an economic necessity for many
communities and with only 40% of our nation's waters judged fit for swimming
and sustaining fish populations why wouldn't a national uniform terciary
standard for wastewater treatment be established going beyond the Clean
Water Act established secondary treatment standards?

Doesn't the existing cost benefit analysis of the establishment of uniform
secondary treatment wastewater treatment levels for municipal sewage
treatment facilities and economic growth from environmental improvement
since the Clean Water Act (ie.Cleveland,Ohio) justify the need for a
national terciary advanced wastewater treatment standard?

Thank you again for your consideration of my inquiries.

Best Wishes,
Donald Sutherland
Member of the Society of Environmental Journalists