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RE: Formalin Treatment Systems

Here is information on formaldehyde treatment, from one of our staff.  This
was developed in conjucntion with King County's haz waste program, which has
further info on its website at

Vendors of formalin neutralizers:

1.) Anatech LTD, (800) 262-8324 
2.) Formalex; S&S SASCO, (800) 624-8021 
3.) D-Formalizer; Surgipath, (800) 225-3035
4.) Neutralex; Scigen, (800) 725-8723, x7268

Please note that some of these neutralizers result in a precipitate
requiring filtering. If interested testing data, please let me know. If you
need additional information than what is provided in the literature, I
suggest you contact the vendors directly.

Dave Wick
Toxics Reduction Specialist
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Toxics Reduction Unit
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Fax: (425) 649-7098
E-Mail: dwic461@ecy.wa.gov

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Subject: Formalin Treatment Systems

P2 Techs -

I'm looking into alternative source control measures and treatment
systems for a hospital that has a 1,000 gpd sanitary sewer discharge
which contains about 4 mg/l of formalin.

In the hospital we are looking for sources of the chemical, and are
diverting them away from the sewer.  In parallel, we are looking for
alternative treatment units to remove the formalin at the site's
sanitary sewer discharge point.

My questions are these:  

	What technologies have you seen for removing formalin from 

	Do you have any technology vendors to suggest?

Thanks for any ideas you can provide.


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